About FMM

Fast Money Music

So, the story begins like this... - it was night...

And a thunderstorm raged outside..the cat slipped and fell off the roof into a dark garden below. as the rain fell on Brussels, h went around the neighborhood knocking on every doors to find the furry thing. That's how Hadelin and Robin met. They eventually found the cat the next day (it was still alive, though wet) and decided to have coffee.

R: so, you're making music?

H: yes. How did you know?

R: I just figured.

H: What about you?

R: Yeah, me too, sort of.

So that's basically how it started. A few years later Fast Money Music emerged from their friendship. R composes most of the music while H writes the lyrics and sings. It creates a sensual, often minimalist aesthetic, a little mystery too.  There are recurrent themes: love, sex & desire, the city, the absurdity of society and its conventions, the night.